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Premier high speed data and Internet connectivity. Choose from our plans
Connectivity Guaranteed at 1 to 1000 Megabits per second with the freedom to choose from our fixed or pay-as-go plans...
Get your own all-in-one internet and telecommunications business
IPGO - reseller enables you to quickly set up and run your own low cost, low risk internet and telecomunications shop
IProtecht© your business from network failure
A dual-core looped network configuration providing 100% redundancy for any given service to fail-over to an alternative supply...
IPGO-Manager online reporting enables in-house management of internet and all telecommunications
Integrate all your communications provisioning, reporting, management and use into one anytime anywhere web-interface

Pioneering Internet Services Since 1989

KCInternet provide wholesale Internet services and products fully supported with low-cost options for small, medium to large businesses and organisations

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